What is a Silk press?

An Elite Silk Press is an upgraded version of a traditional silk press, it is a straightening hairstyling technique for natural hair done the Elite way…. The hair is washed, blow dried and has heat applied with flat iron straighteners set at 200 - 230°C with minimal products used for a light SILKY finish with lots of movement. NO CHEMICALS, grease oils, oven tongs or hot combs are used to achieve this style. A treatment with this service is recommended for a smoother finish.

How long does an Elite Silk Press last?

A silk press is NOT a permanent straightening solution for natural hair. Moisture i.e. water, steam, and sweat can cause your hair to revert to its natural state. A silk press can usually last 2-3 weeks which will depend on how well the hair is maintained or when the hair is washed.

How to maintain an Elite Silk Press?

Wrap your hair at night in a circle and cover with a satin or silk scarf.

What is the difference between a Texture release and Relaxing?

A relaxer is a permanent straightening system to make the hair completely straight. A texture release is a semi-permanent straightening system that makes your hair straight whilst maintaining your natural curls and will only stay in your hair for up to 12 weeks. When texturizing you add straight texture to the hair the amount of texture depends on preference and suitability.

How to maintain transitioning hair?

Whilst transitioning relaxed hair is prone to breakage, it is essential to have regular treatments and trims to maintain healthy hair.

Do I have to wait for my relaxer to grow out to switch to Texture release treatments?

At Elite Hair Lounge we recommend waiting at least 3 months post relaxer to acquire enough re-growth to apply a texture release treatment. You DO NOT need to wait for your relaxer to fully grow out. You DO NOT need to do a big chop when transitioning – you can retain length via a texture release treatment or can transition with Elite Silk Presses if you are wanting to maintain a chemical free straight hairstyle.



Do you relax virgin hair?

Yes, you can get virgin hair relaxed at Elite Hair Lounge.

Is a patch test required in order to relax your hair?

No, a patch test is not required to relax your hair.

How regular should you retouch relaxed hair?

We recommend 6-12 weeks depending on your hair texture, your Elite stylist will recommend the timeframe that is suitable for your hair.

How to avoid breakage in relaxed hair?

It is important to keep your roots moisturised with either a daily leave in conditioner or moisturiser. Elite recommends ‘Avalon Affirm Light Hairdress’ moisturiser or ‘Keracare Overnight Moisturising Treatment.



Do you have a treatment for dry scalp/dandruff?

Elite Hair Lounge provides a Scalp Care Retreat therapy, regular treatments to maintain healthy hair is recommended.

What is the difference between a Protein and Moisture treatment?

Protein treatment strengthens the hair and can restore damaged hair. Moisture treatments hydrates the hair and improves hair strength and elasticity by balancing water levels in hair fibres.

How regular should I treat my hair (relaxed)?

You should maintain your hair with a moisture treatment and protein treatment in salon every 6-8 weeks, this timeframe is based on healthy hair your Elite Stylist will advise you of a treatment regime suited to your hair needs.

Is there a way to revert heat damage?

Regular trims and treatments are required to restore hair to a healthy condition. An Olaplex treatment can be used to rebuild hair by strengthening the strands with reconstructive treatments.

What is an Olaplex treatment?

Olaplex is a treatment to protect hair from chemical damage it rebuilds broken hair bonds and helps keep the hair healthy and strong.



Do you colour natural hair?

At Elite we colour all hair types.

Is a patch test required in order to relax your hair?

Yes. A patch test is required to prevent potentially serious adverse effects from chemicals required to colour hair.

How often can I have my hair coloured?

Your Elite Stylist will agree your colour regime as this can depend on numerous factors including hair growth and how the colour is being applied. We usually recommend between 6-8 weeks for your next colour appointment.



What technique is used to cut hair?

It depends on the client’s hair texture and preference. It can be cut curly wet, curly dry or blow dried. For a more precision cut, straight or smooth blow dried is recommended. If you usually wear your hair curly your hair will be trimmed in its curly natural state.

Can my hair be trimmed without doing an Elite Silk Press?

Yes, we do trims on wet or blow-dried hair that does not require a styled or straighten finish.

How regular should you trim your hair?

A trim is recommended on average every 3 months to avoid travelling split ends and to help aid in keeping hair full whilst retaining length. Or before depending on the condition of your hair, your Elite Stylist will recommend a ‘trim regime’.

If I have travelling split ends will a lot of my hair need to be cut off?

Although we recommend that you trim all damaged ends, at Elite Hair Lounge we only ever trim what you are comfortable with. You do not need to cut all your damaged hair off in one go. Your Elite Stylist will provide you with a ’trim regime’ where we will help you decide how often you need to return to slowly remove all split ends [although it is always recommended that you cut what needs to go.

What is the difference between split ends?

Split ends are caused by everyday hair manipulation Travelling split ends are split ends that have been left too long without a trim and have now travelled further up the hair shaft Broken ends are split ends that have become dry brittle and weak, so the hair begins to snap.



My edges are broken from extensions what can I do?

Give your hair a breather from extensions, be sure to keep your edges moisturised and your edges protected at night with a satin/silk scarf or bonnet.

How are extensions applied?

Extensions are applied using either a canerow or stitch method only.

How long can I wear the hair extensions before they need removing?

We recommend up to 6-8 weeks.

Do you provide human or synthetic hair?

No, Elite Hair Lounge provides an install service only.



Are consultations free?

A new client, cut and colour consultations are complimentary - £0 cost The following consultations incur a fee: Bridal £12.50 and Video consultations £25.

How do I book a consultation?

Contact your preferred Elite salon during open hours or you can book online or by downloading the Elite Hair Lounge app.

Does it matter what state my hair is in?

At Elite Hair Lounge we recognise healthy hair is a journey, a majority of first time Elite client’s hair is a work in progress, come as you are, and we will support you to achieve your healthy hair goals.

If a client wears a hijab can privacy be maintained?

Yes, all Elite Hair Lounge branches have privacy screens available.

Do you sell products?

Yes at Elite Hair Lounge we have a full product range, check out our online shop here.

How should I prepare my hair before my appointment?


Ensure you do not wash your hair for a minimum of 5 days before your hair appointment.

Do not scratch your scalp for a minimum of 48 hours prior.

Ensure your hair is not matted or too tangled (understandably your roots may be slightly tangled due to new growth)

Silk Press

A wash is included with your service you may come with unwashed hair

Your hair should not be matted and tangled, if your hair was previously in a long term protective style please detangle before your appointment so your service can be started immediately.(Extra time taken to detangle before your service will result in a detangle fee)


Most of our colours services are applied to dry hair, please arrive with your hair free from build up, as this will mean we may have to wash your hair before the service which will take extra time and can also result in scalp irritation.

Please arrive with your detangled